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Public classCommandLineOption
Public classGetBaseClass
Base class for GetObject, GetPoint, GetSphere, etc. You will never directly create a GetBaseClass but you will use its member functions after calling GetObject.Gets(), GetPoint.Get(), and so on. Provides tools to set command prompt, set command options, and specify if the "get" can optionally accept numbers, nothing (pressing enter), and undo.
Public classGetInteger
Used to get integer numbers.
Public classGetLine
Use GetLine class to interactively get a line. The Rhino "Line" command uses GetLine.
Public classGetNumber
Used to get double precision numbers.
Public classGetObject
The GetObject class is the tool commands use to interactively select objects.
Public classGetOption
If you want to explicitly get string input, then use GetString class with options. If you only want to get options, then use this class (GetOption)
Public classGetPoint
Public classGetPointDrawEventArgs
Public classGetPointMouseEventArgs
Public classGetString
Public classGetTransform
Public classOptionColor
Public classOptionDouble
Public classOptionInteger
Public classOptionToggle
Public classPickContext
Provides storage for picking operations.


Public delegateGetObjectGeometryFilter


Public enumerationGeometryAttributeFilter
If an object passes the geometry TYPE filter, then the geometry ATTRIBUTE filter is applied.
Public enumerationGetFileNameMode
Public enumerationGetLineMode
Public enumerationPickContext..::..MeshHitFlag
Public enumerationPickContext..::..MeshPickStyle
Public enumerationPickMode
Picking can happen in wireframe or shaded display mode
Public enumerationPickStyle
Provides picking values that describe common CAD picking behavior.